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An AV Recording Studio


Beat/Music Production

We offer full music production, from creating beats to full instrumental productions.  Work with talented local studio musicians to help make your vision a reality.


Professional engineers available to work hand in hand with you and your vision, to create the perfect mix for your project.



Record your vocals or instruments with studio standard microphones and experienced engineers.


Our engineers utilize industry standard processing and plugins to master your project to proper streaming and radio levels.

Recording Equipment

Alex Vincent

The Loop Recording Studio is owned and operated by Alex Vincent and his team of dedicated and talented audio engineers.  While many know Alex for his life-long role as Andy Barclay in the Chucky Franchise, he is also loyally dedicated to his passion for music, film, and production. A Full Sail University graduate, Alex opened AVProductions in 2014. He has produced hundreds of solo artists, bands, and projects in the Bay area over the past decade.  The Loop is the result of his ambition and vision, to provide a comforting and inspirational space, where artists are truly in control of the fulfilling studio experience, while bringing their artistic vision to life.